ARTsee Member Directory

Colorful Oils and Acrylic Abstracts

Handcrafted, One-of-a-Kind Beaded Jewelry

Landscape Art: Photography and Mixed Media

Asian Brush Paintings, Florals, and Landscapes

Digital Photography, Capturing Light in Nature and One Another

Abstract Landscapes and Color Studies

Photography, Digital Compositions, Collage, Painting

Artistic Photography

Portraits and Figure Drawings

Mixed Media and Acrylic Paintings

Susan Gast

Oils, Acrylics, Mixed Media

Custom Decorative Painting and Acrylic Paintings

Whimsical Animal Drawings and Paintings

Functional and Sculptural Ceramics, both Wheelthrown and Handbuilt

Gail Mardfin

Acrylics, Mixed Media, Greeting Cards

Pressed Botanical Collages

Murals, Painted Maps, and Instruments

Hand-thrown porcelain and stoneware

Doug Schon

Sculpture, Painting, Photography

Laura Shabazz

Collages and Art Objects from Salvaged Magazines and Books

Anjali Shalit

Unusual Wearable Art Jewelry and 3D Collage

Oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, photography

Acrylic Paintings

Alex Vargas

Metaphysical Oils, Acrylics, and Mixed Media

Vibrantly Colored Still Life Pastels

Whimsical Illustrations and Message-Driven Mixed Media

Storybook Drawings, both Dark and Whimsical