Alex Vargas

Metaphysical Oils, Acrylics, and Mixed Media


Alexander Vargas is an abstract painter who hails from Morristown, NJ. His roots are in graffiti and street art coupled with a classical art education. Using mixed media to express color, texture, and depth, Alex attempts to represent the metaphysical realm in his work and express the subject of interconnectedness on a spiritual level.

 Reflection Mixed media, 32"x26"

Mixed media, 32"x26"

 One Acrylic, 20"x16"

Acrylic, 20"x16"

 Realm Acrylic, 28"x24

Acrylic, 28"x24

 Subliminal Fish Acrylic, 49"x57"

Subliminal Fish
Acrylic, 49"x57"