Kevin R. Eberle

Landscape and North American Travel Photography

Kevin Eberle spent a good portion of his childhood mesmerized by the scenes in National Geographic. When given his first camera at a young age, he headed into the woods of his hometown, Warren, New Jersey, in an effort to emulate the images that inspired his imagination. The idea of traveling, spending time in nature, and making a living with his camera enthralled him. He launched his photography career when he spent the summer of 2011 traveling through the United States, driving 15,000 miles across 30 states in pursuit of some of the most scenic and pristine parts of America. His portfolio focuses on landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits from that and subsequent travels. “Remembering that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination is something I try to reflect in my work,” says Kevin.

Where the Clouds Melt photograph

Where the Clouds Melt photograph

Assateague Stallion   photograph

Assateague Stallion