Joanne Devine

Digital Photography - Capturing light in nature and in one another.

Joanne Devine graduated from Kean College with a degree in art, and a second major in religion and philosophy. She has exhibited her paintings, drawings and photography in various venues, including a juried show at the Amos Eno Gallery in Soho, and most recently a solo show at the Hamilton Street Gallery in Bound Brook, NJ. Says Joanne, β€œArt speaks before the mind understands. In my work as a psychiatric nurse, I use art as a means of self expression that can foster mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. My subject matter is the stuff of routine daily happenings. I believe we are connected to everything around us, but most of the time we are too busy to see it. Taking pictures allows me to stop for a moment to see and feel that connection to the world around me. And that feels good.”

Dream II   Digital Photograph

Dream II
Digital Photograph

Winter Berries   Digital Photograph

Winter Berries
Digital Photograph